Building a new room in your home? converting your garage into a hangout spot or a new room? While most homeowners will think that it is cheaper and simpler to add duct from your central HVAC Unit. It can actually be way more costly and inefficient here's why. when a home is built a lot of knowledge and expertise goes into deciding the size of the unit,the size of the duct, how many vents will supply air and how many vents will return air to the unit. 

    when a load calc is altered it can have major ramifications the static pressure can cause weird noises from the vents, the coils can freeze up, and in every case all the other vents will preform with less output. this can result to thousands of dollars in repairs and peace of mind. that is why when  you're adding on to your home your first thought should be Mirage ductless mini splits 

Article written by: Kathem Muhammad (tech support)